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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blame on me ?


Okay . Student of MJSC BPJ got a holiday again . Haha . We got a break from Thursday until Monday , then we will sit for exam . Woaaa ! Hell yeahh -.- Haha . Today is Sunday . One more day left . Sad me :'(

And I don't know why , lately i've been too emotional . Aku sendiri dapat rasa perubahan tu . And start from it , I knew what I don't . Hell , it was fucking hurt me :'( Seriously . Yeah , you can't feel it cse it wasn't you . Can we replace our place ? So you can feel how I feel about it . Kalau tak , aku rasa aku takkan dapat tahu pasal benda ni . Fuhh fuhh . I think I need to be stronger than I could be . Stupid me cse believe in her too  much . Stupid me :'( Cse I believe in you too much , hidup-hidup aku kena tipu . Salute wehh . Apa yang aku dapat ? Sakit hati yang teramat sakit as hell . After this , maybe it will be hard for me to believe in you anymore . Siapa yang buat ? Kau jugak . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Aku sedih dengan kau . Eh , tak . Aku kesian dengan diri aku sebab terlalu percayakan kau yang akhirnya memakan diri aku sendiri . Hell yeah . You should respect me . I'm fucking tired of taking care the person who doesn't really care about me . Sad yeahh ? Bla bla bla . You know what ? I want my life before you enter my life . I want that ! I want that ! I WANT IT ! Okay . Keep calm . You have your own life , so do me . I used to have you by my side . But where were you when I needed you the most ? Where were you ? :'( Sad me . Me is really sad . I can't hold in it . I just can't :'( How can I leave you if you're my strength ? Can't you think about it huh ? Hell yeahhhhh . I'm all alone . But no need to worry , I still have Allah by my side . But I still need you . I do not want you . I NEED YOU :'(

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