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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday sayangg ❤

09 Nov 2011 F U L L S T O P !
Okayy .
I'm waiting for this date after you telling me about this date budakk .
It's your birthday , right ?
Andd i'm here , alone without you .
Sebelum akak tahu bila kitorang dapat cuti , i hope that i can celebrate with you
Tapi apa yang akak nak , memang tak akan terjadi .
Impossible ! Right ?
Okayy , forget about it .

Here she is ;

Ignore the monkey .

Okayy .
Chill beb !
Hm , can i crying now ? No ! 
Okayy then . I'll pretend to be okay :')
Heyy budakk !
I really really miss you !
Can you sit by my side now ? 
I want hear your story . 
I want hear your laugh .
Can you ? *okayy , i'm crazy
But hopefully i can sit by your side . Again .
Andd i need you right here right now sayangg .

When i say this , that's mean i really meant it !

I love you more than you know budakk :')

I love to see all the stars in the sky with you budakk !
I hope we can do it again .

Can you promise me this thing ? Yes , i know you can .
Right budakk ?
I promise , if i stay with you next year , i will accompany you to see all the stars :')
This is my promise !

Well , akak dah promise dengan adek yang akak takkan nangis .
Adek pun dah promise dengan akak yang adek takkan nangis dekat maktab masa akak tak ada ni .
But , i'm sorry budakk ! I'm so sorry !
I had broke our promise just now !
Akak tak boleh tahan lagi dah . Akak dah cuba .
I'm so sorry .
Akak nak adek tahu , akak sayang adek sangat sangat !
More than words i can say !
I don't lie , it's sincerely from my heart .
Yes , i know i'm not perfect andd perfectly imperfect .
But i just want to be myself . 
I don't want to be anyone else . This is who i am .
And i love you just the way you are budakk !
Just be yourself , don't try to be other person .
I love you so much more sayangg 

P/S : I'm crying over now ! I'm sorry .
         I know my english was terrible . But i just want to learn to speak in english well :')

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